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Jasmin Tomiko lives in Bethesda MD, and has been lashing since 2020. Graduated from Montgomery College Takoma Park campus with her Associates in Fine Art, and is currently furthering her education in the Art– she has found her passion in the business education on lash extensions. Exceptional customer service and taking care of her son Dallas has driven her success. Here at Profile Lash Studios we strive to provide you with luxury lash extensions, putting an emphasis detail, comfort, and prioritizing the health of your natural lashes for short or longterm extension wear. We understand no one has the same eyes or lashes, so we individualize each set to the clients preferences. Always prioritizing the comfort, health, and integrity of your natural lashes. At Profile Lash Studios, we enhance and bring out the beauty that is already there. 

“I started Profile Lash Studio because I love making people feel good about themselves. I’m a detail-oriented person, somewhat of a perfectionist I could say. I love taking my time to make sure everything comes out just right. With a versatile lash style, I love being able to be creative. Whether it is a natural style, short and sweet, dark and dramatic, or a colorful set– each style allows me to create a personalized set. I think of it like a painting, building up layers and then focusing on the details. Nothing feels better than seeing my clients face in the mirror after their appointment!”

Jasmin Tomiko

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Jasmin Tomiko

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